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Do you need dethatching in your yard?

We specialize in dethatching and yard maintenance in Milton, Ontario!

A lawn dethatching is a corrective measure taken to bring an unhealthy lawn with an excessive thatch layer back into balance.

Thatch is the layer of grass clippings and built up plant material in a lawn found between the green grass tops and the roots. In a healthy lawn, this naturally developing layer should be 1/2 inch thick.

With the help of certain bacteria, the thatch slowly breaks down over time so the height stays constant. A proper amount of thatch on a lawn helps to protect the grass roots from burning and allows the lawn to retain water.

Thatch is not caused by leaving grass clippings on your lawn, as some of you have been led to believe.

With frequent mowing, you should leave the clippings on the surface to be recycled back into the lawn. They can provide essential nutrients that are very good for the turf.

Frequent mowing is key, to ensure the clippings are small so they will decompose quickly, helping eliminate the need for lawn dethatching.

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